Smile Like You Mean It | The Killers

Save some face, you know you’ve only got one
Change your ways while you’re young
Boy, one day you’ll be a man
Oh girl, he’ll help you understand

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Amy Winehouse | You Know I’m No Good | Acoustic | Capital FM

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Force Of Neglect - Incendiary

Society accepts this force of neglect
The marginalized and weak, those without a voice to speak
You killed the very person that you swore to protect

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I don’t want to feel okay, 
But for once, I can’t complain. 
Everyday I’m changing, 
And I can’t stop. 
If time keeps moving ahead of me, 
Then I’m going to fall. 
But it’s not the landing, it’s the falling down 
That’s comforting. 

If time is linear, then I am terrified 
Of the outcomes that there’ll be only one 
There’ll be only one 
But we are not singularities 
I do not believe in beginnings and ends 
I believe in circles, 
I believe time is a being whose limbs 
We can constantly kiss again and again 
Constantly kiss again and again 
I am not human 
I am a fountain, a reservoir of water 
So color me malleable with the moon 
Claim me both flow and crash 
I want to be a waterfall 
Because falling is the most beautiful act you can do 
And no one ever flies to 
They just fly away 
And no one ever flies to 
They just fly away 
And no one ever flies to 
They just fly away 
And if all flight is freedom, 
Then all lovers must be slaves 
I guess.

Sander said this song will win tumblr…

Knew this as soon as I heard this one lol

Yo this shit rules

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